Imperial Court de'

Fort Worth/Arlington Inc.

Their Majesties and Line of Succession for Reign XXXIX

Emperor & Empress 39 Robert Buckner Melody Lane
  Colors:   Royal Blue & Gold   Pink & Black
  Flower:   Poppy   Sunflower
  Drink:   Dos Equis XX   Miller Lite
  Shot:   Jolly Rancher   Jolly Rancher
  Symbol:   Pheonix   Pheonix
Emperor 39-1/2 To His Majesty TBA
Empress 39-1/2 To Her Majesty   TBA
Line of Succession  
King Father and Queen Mother to Their Majesties Emperor 25, Kevin Smith Empress 34, Sofanda Furr
Crown Prince and Princess Royale (CPRs) Dalton Murphy Paula Michaels
Imperial Crown Prince and Princess (ICPs) Gary Jenkins Nancy Peoples
Grand Duke and Duchess JC Alexander-Lane Sapphire E-Laine Taylore
Czar and Czarina Jim McDowell Stephanie Savon
Baron and Baroness Clayton Jovanna Norell
Marquis and Marquessa Jessie Swinney-Lanier Italy Nicole
Don and Reyna TBA TBA
Vis-Count and Vis-Countess TBA TBA